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Welcome to, a new consortium of entrepreneurial people and institutions wanting to create a space for open software, open research, and open content. We invite in-person and electronic participation by anyone who would like to become part of opencode's founding.

We seek to--

   * develop interoperable, open pedagogical software--"H2O"--that can be used for teaching and learning over the Net, and for which its code can be viewed and extended by anyone in the public interest;
    * be a platform for the use of that software for the production of rich, open educational content;
   * develop new means of open academic research.

  • Read and view the archive of our May 20 strategic planning meeting.

  • Learn more about our vision by reading The Power of Openness (David Bollier).

  • Learn more about the kernel of pedagogical software we've developed so far, and its current uses.

      A founding sponsor will be the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, if the Dean of Harvard Law School, Robert C. Clark, and the Provost of Harvard University, Harvey Fineberg, and the President and Fellows of Harvard University permit such sponsorship.

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