Berkman Geekroom Blog
Weblog written by the developers of the H2O system.

A transcript of Berkman Center professors Terry Fisher, Jonathan Zittrain, and Charles Nesson speaking at a Harvard Law School alumni association event. Includes discussion of the H2O project.

H2O: Building Communities around Ideas
Streaming audio of a talk by Hal Roberts at the CALI Conference on Law School Computing.

A Discussion Tool to Foster Collaborative Learning: H2O's Rotisserie Structured Discussion Tool
A summary of an H2O presentation to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

From "Novelty" to "Community:" Exploring New Roles for Technology in a Law School Seminar
A research paper about the use of H2O systems in a law school class.

Teaching with the Bot
A journal article by Berkman Fellow Wendy Seltzer about using the Rotisserie in her class.

Reconceptualizing the Goals and Process of Educational Research Funding: Interconnecting Scholarship and Practice
A report by Nora Sabelli and Chris Dede that proposes that the NSF fund more cooperation between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers working on education projects

Audio Interview with Jonathan Zittrain About H2O
Professor Zittrain speaks about H2O, file hosted by the H2O Media Library.

The Power of Openness
A review of the free software ideal written by David Bollier for the H2O project.

H2O: Software Tools for Open Education
An early description of and proposal for the H2O system.

The original project, an early ancestor of the h2o project.